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Ball Game
Ryan and Alex
at a Baseball game
My baby Brandon, 1 YR
2nd Birthday
Ryan & Alex 3rd birthday
Dad and Brandon
Daddy & Brandon swimming
Ryan and Alex
Just 2 kids having fun

Who is Dennis Day?

All my life people have been asking me if I know who the "real" Dennis Day is. He must've been a great guy because 95% of the people older than me remember him like it was yesterday. For the uninformed, the "real" Dennis Day was an actor and singer who is most known for his performances with Jack Benny. The weirdest thing was when he died on my birthday in 1988.

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Way back in the day I used to dream of being a writer, a musician, or a poet. Those days are mostly over. Fortunately, the power of the Internet lets me share how bad I was at each of these things.


Of all the arts I attempted, guitar was my most futile endeavor. After two years of lessons I decided that I would never be a great musician and that I should focus on programming. Please enjoy some of these music pieces I composed. My buddy Curt Conley is on the drums. These sounds were pulled from four track tapes with a regular tape player, so usually only two unmixed tracks split between left and right are provided. My apologies:

She's All Mine, original ( mp3 - 4.5 MB)
Cool groove, no name original ( mp3 - 3.3 MB)
Jamaican Man, original ( mp3 - 2.3 MB)
The Magical Ghetto Man, depressing original ( mp3 - 3.0 MB)
Mr Jacobson, original ( mp3 - 820 KB)
Side Walk Sittin, original ( mp3 - 356 KB)
It's Been So Long, original ( mp3 - 5.4 MB)
My man Curt, drummin away. I'm the terrible soloist. ( mp3 - 3.0 MB)
Pretty song, original ( mp3 - 839 KB)
Pretty Part II, original ( mp3 - 784 KB)
Do I rock or what? original ( mp3 - 374 KB)
Do I rock part II? original ( mp3 - 667 KB)
You Really Got Me, VH cover ( mp3 - 1.6 MB)
Hippie Song, Tesla cover ( mp3 - 1.3KB)


Oh no, I couldn't just have awful music. I had to write awful lyrics as well! Fortunately, I could not play guitar and sing at the same time, so there are not many samples of these lyrics being sung. Some of these songs contain graphic language and adult themes, so please don't read them if you are easily offended.

I Can't Sing
Livin On The Edge
Hard Fast Corner Club
Sex with Sara
Love Is Empty
I Dream Of You
The Love I Used To Know
The Magical Ghetto Man
My America
The Nothing Man
Mr. Jacobson
Where Did You Go
What Went Wrong
Don't Shed A Tear
My Lover
I Would


Along the way, I wrote some short poems.

The Flower And The Sky
Little Spider
The Youth

©1988: This was written to a very short lived girlfriend.
There once was a boy
Who knew he had sinned
Who knew he had hurt
Sorry for the fool he had been
And in the morning he woke
With a heart full of sorrow
What he would have done different
If he had thought about tomorrow

But please, don't throw me away.

Copyright © 1984-2024 Dennis Day
All rights reserved