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Ball Game
Ryan and Alex
at a Baseball game
My baby Brandon, 1 YR
2nd Birthday
Ryan & Alex 3rd birthday
Dad and Brandon
Daddy & Brandon swimming
Ryan and Alex
Just 2 kids having fun

Who is Dennis Day?

All my life people have been asking me if I know who the "real" Dennis Day is. He must've been a great guy because 95% of the people older than me remember him like it was yesterday. For the uninformed, the "real" Dennis Day was an actor and singer who is most known for his performances with Jack Benny. The weirdest thing was when he died on my birthday in 1988.

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3/16/2017 can fix the annoying setting when switching KVM and all the applications move off of the hdmi monitor.

What is up with Visual Studio 2010 and the Finder? Ctrl-F brings up a modal window that is a different and bigger size every time. Most of the time it is trying to get off the right side of the screen. Maybe it has something to do with using dual monitors, but it's ridiculous the strange shapes it makes itself making it harder on me to find the stuff I want. I might start a screen capture library of this stuff it is so crazy sometimes.


If you are trying to clean an infected Windows machine while running infected Windows, you are doing it wrong. BartPE or any of the bootable Live CDs are your friend. In particular, UBCD4Win works wonders and has saved me hours of frustration in the past. And I deal with at least 2 infected comupters a month of all different types of malware/virus/trojan/rootkit problems. So far have not needed to start over from scratch once. Once you learn the newest tricks the malware authors are using, it is pretty easy to clean the machines.

Wow, I got a new Toshiba laptop today with Vista. I couldnt' install any downloads. After searching for about an hour, somebody said that IE was corrupting the downloads and they downloaded it from another computer and that worked. Sure enough, that was it!

VS2008 was driving me crazy because it would not allow me to edit the .vb modules in a web project. I found that we need to enable edit and continue at two different place:

- at tools/options/debugging/edit and continue (enabled for a new project by default)

- at application properties/web/use visual studio web development server/enable edit and continue (this is NOT enabled by default why?!)

This is overcomplicated and confusing.

I finally found a place in Columbus that can fix my kids constantly broken electric scooters:

Bad Daddy's Bike Shop
6665 Huntley Rd
Columbus, OH 43229
(614) 888-9190

Our iMac keeps dropping the secure network connection and switching to other unsecured networks in our neighborhood. I found this post and hopefully it will fix it.

In the Network preferences pane, go to the Airport settings. Change it from Connect Automatically, to Preferred Networks and delete all servers in the list. Switch back to Automatic and apply. You will have to join your network one more time, but it should stick.

I'm amazed by the DXO/DTO ETFs. I found this article on some other trading strategies interesting:

OK, I got it down to 2 errors and they are both from Microsoft.Net so that is about is far as I can go with this platform.

I've been running my pages through an HTML validator at I'm down to 10 errors and 3 warnings so far.

I've had a lot of problems with Video Codecs when viewing my home videos. Here are some links - you download vista codec package, it should relieve your headache.

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